Welcome Dojos & Sensei! Welcome Schools, Libraries & Literacy Ninjas!

gretelBook Ninjas seeks to build partnerships between those teaching the martial arts and those dedicated to literacy. Both groups are committed to building children’s self-confidence, curiosity, empathy, and discipline.

Book Ninjas provides programming tools and welcomes kids to “Be a Book Ninja” and set reading or martial arts practice goals to win books. Look for tools to Hold an Event.

The Books by Corey Rosen Schwartz & illustrated by Caldecott medalist Dan Santat (G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers) are used to bridge the two disciplines to help create a community of confident readers and leaders.

Reach Out to Book Ninjas to tell us about your events, ideas and for all other stealth communications.

Picture Book Ninjas

Corey Rosen Schwartz is the author of several rhyming picture books and fractured fairy tales. As a young child, she spent two years in Tokyo, where one of her earliest memories is dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. Corey has no true ninja training, but she sure can kick butt in Scrabble. She now resides in Warren, NJ, with her two kiddie-chans and incredibly patient husband-san.

Like ninjas Hensel & Gretel, Corey Rosen Schwartz sometimes has a cool chick fighting at her side. HENSEL AND GRETEL: NINJA CHICKS was co-written with Rebecca J. Gomez.

Dan Santat’s parents raised him with the hope that he would one day become a doctor. But instead his mind filled with thoughts of drawing pictures and writing stories. In 2015, Dan won the Caldecott medal for the ADVENTURES OF BEEKLE: THE UNIMAGINARY FRIEND. Dan holds a black belt in Shotokan and lives in Southern California with his wife, two kids, and various pets.

Sensei-tional Martial Arts Advisors

Master Freeman, the sensei of Freedom Martial Arts, holds a Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate, a Brown Belt in Shotokan karate, a 1st Degree Black Belt in WTF Tae Kwon Do, and in 2015 earned his 5th Degree Black Belt in ITF Tae Kwon Do. Master Freeman’s lifelong passion for martial arts is infused into his training and teaching.  Master Freeman joins author Corey Rosen Schwartz at her ninja school visits.

Master Rick Rando has been training in the martial arts since 1988. A 6th-degree black belt in traditional taekwondo, Rando operates an 8,000-square-foot studio in Western Maryland. He’s a Disney Institute graduate, a Keynote Empowerment Speaker, and a business consultant and is a contributing writer for MASuccess Magazine. Most importantly, Rando heads a household of three, where books are happily read daily!

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