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Hudson Montessori is Training Book Ninjas

Hudson Montessori invited me in to talk to their K-5 students about the process of writing.  We discussed where ideas come from and did a brainstorming activity where each student came up with their own title by filling in the blank: The Three ______ Pigs. Then I read The Three Ninja Pigs as some students role played… Read more »

Princeton Book Ninjas

Saturday , I attended the Princeton Book Festival, an amazing annual event sponsored by the Princeton Public Library and jaZams.  I spent the whole day meeting adorable little Book Ninjas!   These brothers are my new favorite ninja trio!    

Book Ninja Night at Armentor’s

Armentor’s United Martial Arts of Groves, TX had a kick-butt Book Ninja Night! Mr. Trent read The Three Ninja Pigs. And then the kids tried to knock his house down. They threw balls at boxes as he sat and tried to block them. Mr. Will read Hensel and Gretel: Ninja Chicks. Then the kids used… Read more »

Coastal Region is Training Book Ninjas

There was some serious ninja training going on at the Coastal Region Branch of the Citrus County Library System this summer!                                                   Are you training Book Ninjas? KIYA!

MN State Academy for the Deaf is Training Book Ninjas

The MN State Academy for the Deaf is our July Ninja Literacy Campaign Winner. They are a K-12 School for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired in the state of MN. Kristy Hegberg wrote: Our school has a monthly, family-centered, literacy night event, where we read a book and have language based activities, all centered around the… Read more »

Paul is our July Book Ninja Winner!

Congrats to Paul, age 8, from Texas!  He won a copy of Ninja Red Riding Hood. Paul wrote: I read 30-45 minutes a day. I have started challenging myself by reading chapter books. They don’t have pictures, but they have great adventures. I am reading The Last Kids on Earth by myself. Before bed, my… Read more »

Super Secret Giveaway Winners


To kick off BOOK NINJAS, we invited schools, libraries and dojos to (shhhh…) enter the Super Secret Giveaway.  One by one, you slid in and left your mark.  Before we knew it we had more ninja entries than a library has books! Only 25 of you, however, could WIN a copy of HENSEL AND GRETEL:… Read more »

Seth is Book Ninja

Seth, age 8,  does Aikido and loves  to read!  Seth is indeed a BOOK NINJA! Pig1 in The Three Ninja Pigs also does Aikido!  Kiya! Are you a BOOK NINJA?